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Jeffrey Mandel created this website about the New Jersey Supreme Court so that you can learn from a New Jersey appeal lawyer about the highest court in New Jersey. Jeffrey Mandel is working on a website for New Jersey appeals. You can also visit other websites for Jeff Mandel, a New Jersey appeal lawyer. For more information about Jeffrey Mandel, search the internet. Jeff Mandell is a lawyer who handles NJ appeals. Read more here about the Supreme Court of New Jersey and about Jeffrey Mandel's insight on the Justices of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. It is all about a New Jersey appeal lawyer named Jeffrey Mandel.

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Jeffrey Mandel provides insight on the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Jeff Mandel has handled countless New Jersey appeals before the Supreme Court of New Jersey. For more information on Jeffrey Mandel, visit one of his many websites. Jeffrey Mandel maintains websites about New Jersey appeals and is a well-known New Jersey appeal lawyer. Read more about the NJ Supreme Court

Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq. is an appeals lawyer in New Jersey who has appeared many times before the Supreme Court of New Jersey. This website provides information about a Court that he admires and a Court that has earned the respect of lawyers in New Jersey and courts throughout the nation.

     Generally, there are three types of appeals in New Jersey. The most common is the appeal as-of right to the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division. There is an appeal as-of-right from any final order or judgment from the Superior Court trial divisions as well as from almost all administrative agency decisions. An appeal as-of-right to the Supreme Court of New Jersey, however, is very limited.

     There is also something known as an interlocutory appeal. An interlocutory appeal is not an appeal as-of-right and is only heard by the Appellate Division or the Supreme Court if those courts agree, in their sole discretion, to hear the interlocutory appeal. Except as otherwise provided in the New Jersey Rules of Court, any decision that is not final as to all issues and all parties is labeled interlocutory.

     The least common appeal is an emergent appeal, which some refer to as an emergency appeal. This appeal is also discretionary and, in practice, is rarely entertained by the Appellate Division or the Supreme Court of New Jersey. An emergent appeal is reserved for those limited situations in which the matter cannot wait resolution by the interlocutory appeal process of the appeal as-of-right process.